Cobras Stun Steelhawks 58-38 in Allentown

06/02/2018 9:25 PM -

ALLENTOWN – The Lehigh Valley Steelhawks offensive troubles continued tonight as they were defeated 58-38 by the Carolina Cobras. The Steelhawks started their game with quarterback Matt Foltz, who’s poor play allowed Carolina to go up 21-0 in the first quarter. Shortly afterwards, quarterback Caleb Walton was put into the game and kept the Steelhawks’ offense in check. Carolina’s offense was not to be stopped though, with quarterback Charles McCullum completing 19 of 24 passes for 243 yards and seven touchdowns to just one interception. It seemed everybody from the Cobras was getting a piece of the action, with five different players scoring touchdowns on the night.

Carolina got the ball moving fast, with McCullum throwing two quick passes to Jolly for a touchdown just seconds into the game. Foltz seemed to be doing just the same until late into the Steelhawks’ first drive. Foltz was stripped and sacked by defensive lineman Faleoga Russell, with the ball returned to Lehigh-Valley’s 23-yard line. The Cobras quickly capitalized on this mistake by the Steelhawks, putting the ball into the endzone on an 11-yard touchdown reception by Cobra’s leading touchdown leader Tyron Laughinghouse. The Steelhawks’ offense was shut down on the ensuing drive, when on fourth-and-long, defensive lineman Toni Pulu broke through the Steelhawks’ offensive line, bringing Foltz down at his own 3-yard line. Immediately after, Jordan Mosely plowed into the endzone for a touchdown, and Craig Peterson hit a deuce to give Carolina a 21-0 lead going into the second.

The Steelhawks offensive woes continued shortly into the second quarter, with Foltz throwing an interception to Jermaine Jones just outside the endzone.  McCullum and company produced nothing on the next drive, with the offensive line allowing three sacks and a turnover on downs, giving the ball right back to Lehigh Valley. After Foltz’s poor start to the game, Lehigh Valley put in quarterback Caleb Walton, who started to get things going for the Steelhawks.  Walton immediately made an impact with a touchdown strike to Yusef Reddick on his first snap in the game. A quick response by Carolina allowed Barnett to take the ball into the endzone on a 5-yard reception. Walton and Reddick connected again on the Steelhawks following drive for another big touchdown. Both teams exchange touchdowns in the final minute of the half with Jolly hauling in his second touchdown of the game and Walton scrambling for a 9-yard touchdown run. Carolina goes into the half leading 35-18.

Carolina couldn’t have started the half any better, with a deuce by Peterson, an interception by Cedric Poole, and a 31-yard touchdown pass to Laughinghouse to cap it all off. The Steelhawks second drive of the half goes much better for them, with Walton dumping the ball off to Charles McClain for a 6-yard touchdown to finish the long drive. The Cobras answer almost immediately with McCullum completing a 12-yard touchdown pass to Tyrell Goodman on a short drive. The Cobras continued looking strong going into the final quarter, leading the Steelhawks 51-26.

After Lehigh Valley lost the ball on a fourth-down fumble, the Cobras struck again after Laughinghouse made his third touchdown reception of the night, a 21-yard grab. Lehigh Valley finished the game with two more touchdowns, bringing the final score to 58-38, in favor of Carolina.


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